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Support available and opportunities to get involved



Local information & advice on health including opening time

Local Updates 

Updates from the Local Authority, Local Charities and other local organisations

Get Involved 

Information about local opportunities to support your community.



Greenwich Clinical Commissioning Group 

Information on local NHS services. There is also a page entitled "corona virus - what you need to know". There is also advice on when you should call 111, go to the pharmacy and the Drs.


Bexley Clinical  Commissioning Group 

Information on NHS services. It includes similar information to the Greenwich site and also has information on self care. 



Local Updates 

Greenwich Council 

Information and updates on corona virus. You can also sign up to a daily email. 


Bexley Council 

Information and advice on corona virus and changes to services as a result. Information was organised under a range of headings from looking after your wellbeing to volunteering to dealing with your waste. 



Get Involved 

Covid-19 Mutual Aid Group

Accessible via Facebook and Nextdoor App. Volunteers can join local area groups or create a group if there are no existing groups covering their area.


Community Aid Groups

A list of community aid groups active on Facebook and filtered by area. Here you'll find a list of local groups providing support to those under quarantine.


Greenwich Food Bank

Donate or volunteer with your local food bank.

07771 830549