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Local information & advice on health including opening time

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Updates from the Local Authority, Local Charities and other local organisations

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Information about local opportunities to support your community.



Waltham Forest Clinical Commissioning Group 

Information on local NHS services and advice about corona virus. Also includes information on staying well and links to useful apps. 


020 3688 2604


Local Updates 

Waltham Forest Council 

Information on Coronavirus.
You can also sign up to a coronavirus daily email. 



Community Help Network

Waltham Forest Community Help Network has been created to support older and the most vulnerable residents in the community at this difficult time. This includes the launch of a helpline for residents who do not have access to community support, and who are 70 plus, or have been advised by the NHS to self isolate for 12 weeks.

There’s also opportunities for residents to volunteer and show their support.

Mobile number: 020 8496 3000


Homelessness information


020 8496 3000

Local Welfare Assistance (LWA)

This could help you if you or your family are in severe financial hardship, especially if there is a risk to health or safety.
The fund does not give out cash payments, but may provide: food vouchers, or a referral to the local food bank essential household items. Non-cash payments are used to help make sure all payments are spent on the things they are given for. The fund gives the minimum needed to help each applicant to make sure we can help as many people as possible.
The fund may be able to help you if you:

- are aged 16 or over,
- have recourse to public funds,
- have been continuously resident in Waltham Forest for the previous six months, unless you are fleeing domestic violence or leaving an institution,
- have not been housed in Waltham Forest by another local authority,
- are entitled to a qualifying benefit,
- are not in a hospital, care home or prison (unless you are due to be discharged within six weeks),
- do not have savings you could use to meet the need,

- have not received a DWP Social Fund Crisis Loan, or Waltham Forest Local Welfare Assistance help, within the past 6 months,

- are seeking support to pay for an approved item,

- do not have enough resources to prevent serious risk to your own, or your family’s health or safety.

Visit the website to make an online application.



Mobile phone: 020 8496 8505 or 020 8496 8417

Child Support

Children who are vulnerable, and children whose parents are designated as key workers and those who are unable to make other childcare arrangements.



Sharing Stories
The council is inviting residents to share the stories of community kindness in these uncertain times.





Get Involved

Covid-19 Mutual Aid Group

Accessible via Facebook and Nextdoor App. Volunteers can join local area groups or create a group if there are no existing groups covering their area.


Community Aid Groups

A list of community aid groups active on Facebook and filtered by area. Here you'll find a list of local groups providing support to those under quarantine.


Volunteer through Waltham Forest Council

Waltham Forest Council is seeking volunteers to help support vulnerable residents who are self isolating due to COVID-19.  Residents can sign up as to volunteer via their partner PL84U who are working alongside Waltham Forest Council and coordinating volunteer projects. Voluntary activities may include delivering food via foot or car, packing at food banks, administration and phone contact for those isolating. To register to become a volunteer, please visit the website and complete the online form.



Age UK

Age UK Waltham Forest is at the forefront of supporting older people in Waltham Forest.


Lloyds Park Children's Charity

Children and Family Centre services across Waltham Forest