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The Covid-19 pandemic has increased the level of need of all Peabody residents, as well as limiting the traditional offers of support and interventions that Peabody can offer. The majority of our workforce and volunteers will be feeling powerless to help at this challenging time.


To respond to this, Peabody has designed a suite of emergency measures, interventions and services to ensure all residents are provided with some element of support, feel as secure as they can during this period of upheaval and that they are able to support their communities if they want to.

Remote Befriender Volunteer 

As part of our Connect theme under 5 Ways to Wellbeing, we are looking for staff and volunteers make themselves available for upwards of an hour a week each to speak over the telephone, Facebook Live, Skype and/or Zoom to people self-isolating, particularly those who are aged over 65 and/or vulnerable. 

Many in our communities are isolating alone and this will have a huge impact on mental health.  Remote befriending will help to alleviate boredom and isolation, and will also take pressure off the TFST, Neighbourhoods and Community Development teams.

Volunteers can ask for reimbursement for calls up to a maximum of £5. 

Sign Posters 

We have a list of local initiatives supporting elderly and vulnerable people to get through the pandemic across our catchment areas.  This will come in the form of a website. 

We need volunteers to help promote these services to residents, friends and neighbours in the community.

These resources will be made available to you upon application to volunteer.  You may also have some additional resources for your area that you feel you would like to include